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I’m using iPhone app Taskuma for work from home


(^ ∀ ^) I changed the theme of WordPress Hi, it’s Neza, I am very surprised that I was able to update sooner than I though. In this situation where viruses are widespread all over the world, I enjoy working at home. Thankfully, I have a job so far, so I think even I can live without the toilet paper. Anyway I thought it’s time to restart writing my blog! I’ve always wanted to...



I moved back to Japan in Dec 2018 and I’ve been super busy last year because of fluctuation of my life, but now I’m writing this as I realized I got used to do many things. I’m going to tell you about my task management. I was using iPhone app Taskuma that you can organize all of tasks for a day in minutely basis, but I decided to stop using it because I’d been stressed...