I’m using iPhone app Taskuma for work from home

(^ ∀ ^) I changed the theme of WordPress

Hi, it’s Neza,

I am very surprised that I was able to update sooner than I though. In this situation where viruses are widespread all over the world, I enjoy working at home. Thankfully, I have a job so far, so I think even I can live without the toilet paper.


I thought it’s time to restart writing my blog! I’ve always wanted to change the WordPress theme, but I’ve been super busy completely (By the way, my favorite word is “completely” recently. Example: It’s completely perfect.) Well, I picked and free theme and customized a bit, but it took me a lot of time because it’s so tough to edit cords that others made, but I enjoyed and compromised!


The blog title is too big when I see it on my smartphone, so I’ll fix it soon… maybe. I don’t usually use my knowledge of HTML and WordPress, but my brain remembered a lot. Recently, I’ve felt aging of it, but it seems that it is still fine!

iPhone app Taskuma is the best for organizing my daily life

I work as an illustrator and a designer at a manufacture. It’s fun to draw what I’ve never drawn. I’ve been drawing at home due to covid-19. When I work at home, Taskuma helps me a lot to do things productively. People say it’s hard to work at home but I’m okay with it.

It’s the best. It’s really nice app.(I drew the bear anyway( ^∀^))

I want to recommend it to everyone but it’s really complicated because it’s for those people who understand specific thoughts of how to use time, and it’s so tough for me to explain that.

I’m going to tell you about task management, Bullet Journal, productivity strategies one by one on this blog as much as I can.

By neza